'Beauty and the Beast,' Arrives in March 2017, Gets Emma Thompson

After Cinderella crushed the competition at the box office this past weekend, Disney is sticking with spring releases for their live-action fairytales as the studio has just announced that their new adaptation of Beauty and the Beast (which will be getting a 3D release) will arrive in theaters on March 17th 2017. And with that news comes a couple new additions to the cast as well. Emma Thompson (Saving Mr. Banks) will be playing Mrs. Potts while Kevin Kline (Last Vegas) will be playing the father of Belle (Emma Watson). But we're wondering who will play the bickering duo of Lumiere and Cogsworth in the adaptation.

Otherwise, as we've previously reported, Dan Stevens (The Guest) will play The Beast, Luke Evans (The Hobbit) will play Gaston and Josh Gad will play his sidekick Le Fou. There's bound to be more casting announced very soon with some key supporting roles left to be filled. Bill Condon (Dreamgirls) is directing from a script by Stephen Chbosky (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) with Oscar-winner Alan Menken scoring the film, creating new recordings of the original songs from the 1991 animated musical, as well as new songs that will be written with Tim Rice. Sounds like another home run in the making. Excited?