'Social Network' Producer Developing a Remake of 'Blue Thunder'

After the success of Fifty Shades of Grey, producer Dana Brunetti, who was also behind The Social Network, is looking to bring a remake to the big screen next. THR reports Columbia Pictures is developing a remake of Blue Thunder, an action thriller from 1983 about a Los Angeles police pilot (Roy Scheider) tasked with learning to fly a new specially modified helicopter called Blue Thunder meant for police work, armed and designed to counter street insurgencies. But soon he learns there may be more to this advanced helicopter than meets the eye. But the new version will involve the world's most advanced drone instead.

Brunetti is producing the film by way of his Trigger Street Productions with Marvel Studios executive and writer Craig Kyle writing the script. It's no coincidence that this project is getting set up at Columbia Pictures since Michael De Luca helped Brunetti produce Fifty Shades of Grey and is now the president of production at the studio. In addition, Escape Artists will be part of the production as they were also working on a remake of the film at the same time. It couldn't be a more timely film considering how prominent drones are in our culture, from the military to our hobbies, but will audiences be interested?